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This blog is more about the trials of writing Excel apps, in particular when it comes to situations where the client asks for something had not been considered before.

Early in my coding career, I needed to create a MouseRollOver event, which I presumed would be a “piece of cake”. After countless hours of effort, a simple Google search landed me at Jordan Goldmeier’s web site at Option Explicit VBA.

Problem solved.

Essentially, the solution involved using the HYPERLINK method. This to determine on what cell the mouse was hovering over. And with the use of a temp table and a neat formula then conditionally format fill the cell. Especially useful when an inserted comment won’t do.

Very cool.

For more details check Jordan’s blog at http://optionexplicitvba.blogspot.ca/2011/04/rollover-b8-ov1.html

It becomes an art to determine what one can figure out on one’s own, or whether to invest the time to research the web for the technique you need – especially when time is money.

Happy coding!